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Timber Pest Inspection + Cockroach/Silverfish and Ant Treatment

This inspection covers termites and other timber attacking pests in the following areas.

- Interior, roof space any timber finishing’s i.e. door frames, window frames and skirtings to name a few (excludes furniture and house hold items)

- Exterior, i.e. timber door frames and windows, timber supports for pergolas and timber fencing to name a few (excludes outdoor furniture and house hold items

- This inspection not only covers termites but other timber pests that may be present at time of inspection

At the end of the termite inspection you will receive a highly comprehensive report, reporting any findings in regards to past and present termite activity on your property.

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Based on a standard size home.

Living in the beautiful tropical North Queensland can be amazing but the downside to living in an area like this is that termites can be a real hazard to our homes and properties.
It is strongly recommended to have regular timber pest inspections carried out on your property to help reduce the risk of having a termite infestation in your home.

The reason for these inspections is that timber pests expressly termites can cause a lot of damage to a property in a relatively short period. Prevention is better than the cure, if termites are located in time a preventative treatment can be carried out.

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