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Past and Present Computer Fault Report Plus On Hoist Inspection

Our automotive repair workshop based in the centre of Cairns has ability to retrieve and erase trouble codes and fault warning lights.
2 & 4 post vehicle Hoists and the equipment on hand to repair almost everything on most makes and models. We also have equipped vehicles for mobile servicing & repairs, pre-purchase inspections, and roadside assistance.

Catering for cars, trailers, bikes, caravans and trucks, we service all Cairns areas swiftly as we are centrally located near Ambulance station.
Know as the motor medics for many years with newer service companies such as Dial A Doctor using our example.

As licensed Tradesmen , we use only the highest quality parts and perform full log book servicing, preserving your factory warranty. Providing friendly and reliable service at competitive prices, all work is guaranteed and can be carried out at your home, office, or our workshop at your convenience.

Contact us today at the workshop or as always ...we Can come to you!

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Vehicle inspections are carried out on hoists at our central Cairns workshop.
You agree to our use of BI-Directional Capability Testing and Scaning Equipment.

This, simply stated, is our Automotive tools ability to communicate in both directions with an automobile. Imagine these tools as a telephone. If you could only hear what is on the other end, but could not respond or talk back, you still have a source of information. This is what 90% of them do, they tell you things, but you cant talk back and make stuff do stuff.

With Bi-directional ability, we can activate and operate most parts of modern vehicles. The ABS motor,Electric windows dash instruments, pop the locks open etc. Test lights,check fuel and temperature gauges accuratly sweep from low to high, actuate the IAC in specific amounts to check its function, open or close the fuel injectors to detect blockage or clogging of the injectors etc. Cheaper electronic automotive tools have NO bi-directional communication.

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