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It's as simple as Find the Deal, Love the Deal, Enjoy the Deal!

For the Consumer

It's as simple as Find the Deal, Love the Deal, Enjoy the Deal!

Our experienced team score EXCLUSIVE deals for you to love, share and enjoy with all your friends and family. We listen to what deals you would like to receive from all your favourite businesses - restaurants, activities, hairdressers, beauticians and specialty stores like your local butcher, mechanic, green grocer or baker etc

Register your email and details to receive the deals straight to your inbox and only purchase the deals you want when you want. You can receive emails as little or as often as you would like about the deals you like. And don't forget to spread the love and share it with your friends.

7 Reasons to list your business with I Love Cairns Deals

1. Its completely FREE! We will even help you get started! Just call or drop us an email.
2. You are in control of your listing. We provide a login to change or turn on or off your deals as you need.
3. Be found easily in high search space online. Cairns Deals search, we are ranked on the first page of top browsers.
4. Your listing provides a bank link to your own website which is a big tick for search engine rankings.
5. We promote you through our social media platform which builds on your social reach and interaction.
6. Our Friendly dealer experts are on hand to help you get the best out of your listing.

Listing Tips to get you started!

Tip #1 - Your Content is King!
a) Use up all the content space provided to talk about your deal.
b) Add parking advice or directions and make sure if you have luxuries like free wifi, waterfront dining etc talk about it.
c) Make your deal title catchy, clever and relevant to your business or deal. e.g Cairns best accomodation or Waterfront dining deal.

Tip #2 Offer your best deal.
a) The better your deal the more interest you will gain from our audience and the more likely they will share it with their friends.
b) Use early bird specials or dining before a certain time or time of day to fill your normally empty seats and add value
c) Remember this is a free service so the return on your investment (ROI) is in your favour!

Tip #3 Thinking ahead of Time

a) List your deal as soon as you think about the idea even if it is not available to use yet. e.g with a Hotel - add in the T&C box the booking period is 1st Aug to 31st Aug and the stay is between 1st Dec to 31st Dec.
b) If you have an event or function you can advertise an early bird special the same way.

Tip #4 Run a mini Campaign
a) Use our site to drive a social media 'like' campaign to your facebook page by offering a gift when booking, liking, and then sharing your business facebook page online.

Tip #5 Change it up and spread the love!
If you are not getting much interest with your Free Ad then make some changes.
a) Try a new Title to your deal and be creative
b) Make sure you post the webpage link into your Facebook status. It will create a link directly to your Free Ad.
c) If you have a data base of members then make sure you tell them to check out your deal and share it with their friends. Remember your friends and regular customers are a part of your marketing team!

Good luck!

Need Some Help?
If time is the issue for you and you would like some help from us to get your advert working better for you. Drop us an email and we can manage your listing and social media for you at affordable rates.